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Chuanda Tan

Chuanda Tan

Chuanda Tan, a Singaporean artist, had immersed himself in the bustling embrace of New York
City for nearly three decades. Still, he finds his sanctuary and wellsprings of inspiration on the cosmopolitan shores of Singapore.

Born into the artistic lineage of the esteemed Tan Tee-Chie, Tan embarked on his formal artistic journey at a tender age. He began his education at the prestigious NAFA, a foundation that nurtured his innate talent. Seeking further artistic growth, he set his sights on the renowned CCS College of Art in Detroit, where he earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA).

During his illustrious NYC years in branding communications, Tan collaborated with venerable heritage brands, such as: Dom Perignon, Netjets, The ICP, and Leica. Despite the demands of his corporate career, he remained unwaveringly devoted to his passion for illustration, contributing his talents to distinguished fashion magazines like ARENA and l’Officiel. Chuanda’s prowess in fashion illustration was duly recognized when he was honoured as one of the “100 Best Illustrators” in 2007.

Tan’s canvases, adorned with bold, abstract creations, beckon the viewer towards introspection and an exploration of the profound depths of human experience—conversations and contemplations through a limited colour palette and the eloquent use of negative space.

Tan’s art is marked by his willingness to push his creative boundaries continually. He remains open to experimentation and evolution, exploring new techniques, styles, and subjects. This dynamism in his artistic journey reflects a passion for growth and an unwavering commitment to his craft.

One consistent element in Tan’s art is its capacity to evoke deep emotions. Whether through his abstract compositions or fashion illustrations, he seeks to connect with viewers on a profound, emotional level. His works often spark reflection and a sense of the intangible, transcending the boundaries of words to communicate feelings and sensations.

He stands, as ever, humbled and inspired by the legacies of artistic luminaries such as Cy Twombly, Elsworth Kelly, and Antoni TĂ pies. Furthermore, he draws inspiration from the abstract expressions of modern masters like Deborah Tarr, Ed Hall, and Ha Chong-Hyun. While Tan’s artistic style may not mirror these titans, he aspires to encapsulate the raw emotions and sensations they elicit through his works.

As he continuously pushes the boundaries of his creative prowess, Tan remains firmly committed to capturing the intangible elements that inspire budding artists and art enthusiasts alike.

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