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Our start-up began with the simple conviction that the visual arts scene in Singapore is no longer the “cultural wasteland” it was described in the past. The ecosystem is maturing and while not entirely self-sustaining, the potential it has is what excites us to do what we do.

As a virtual community for the visual arts in Singapore, there is always room at this table for anyone who wants to be a part of it.

For the artist

We provide a platform to market your talents through exhibitions, shows, and collaborations with other creators like yourself.

For the art collector

We offer you the transparency needed to make informed decisions when purchasing works from us, namely through the disclosure of the price etc.

For the art enthusiast

We deliver updates of exciting shows and works by local artists as well as exclusive insights into the inspirations and provenance of the works.

Gone are the days when the visual arts is appreciated only in the gallery. We believe that they can and should transcend the boundaries of the physical space . And that’s why we are Not Gallery.

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