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Inherent wong shih yaw jeremy hiah

Inherent: works by Wong Shih Yaw & Jeremy Hiah

15 January to 3 February 2024


Not gallery presents Inherent: Works by Wong Shih Yaw & Jeremy Hiah, an exhibition that features paintings, sculptures, and mixed media depictions. The two artists, who were members of The Artists Village, invite viewers to explore the intricacies of thought and aspiration, yet at the same time witness the contradictory presentation of life and the human condition.

Jeremy Hiah, known for his abstract representations of Chinese metaphors, also presents artworks from an insect-focussed series that connects and integrates the imagery of insect bodies to the advocacies of such metaphors – as displayed in his artworks ‘Dragonfly’ and ‘Dreaming of Becoming a Butterfly’. His creativity and knack for identifying ironies bring to the exhibition a profound display of the complexities within society, invoking thought and self-reflection.

On the other hand, Wong Shih Yaw brings to the table a raw image of life for what it is. Within this exhibition, his inclination toward still life grounds viewers to reality, a stark contrast to Jeremy Hiah’s enchanting presentation of perspectives. Wong Shih Yaw’s paintings of marine life break down the essence of existence to its rawest and truest form. Likewise, his paintings of all too familiar scenes in everyday life break down routines and human complexities to its simplest and quietest moments, reminding viewers to embrace deep connection and simple existence within each instance.

Jeremy Hiah is a multidisciplinary artist who creates artworks that are heavily inspired by societal systems. He is also the current top winner of the prestigious UOB Painting of the Year (Singapore). Wong Shih Yaw, whose many artworks are often influenced by his faith and personal experience, has had artworks displayed in countless exhibitions across the years. To date, his career spans over two decades, and his works are collected by prominent collectors both locally and overseas.

Exhibition period: 15 January – 3 February 2024

Mon to Sat: 11 am to 6pm,  Sun: Closed

Exhibition venue: Supermama Flagship store @Henderson, #01-01, 213 Henderson Rd, S(159553)

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