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Signs and Wonders, Sighs and Wanders Ezekiel Wong Kel Win

Ezekiel Wong Kel Win: Signs and Wonders, Sighs and Wanders

26 February to 16 March 2024


Signs and wonders, sighs and wanders,
Life’s a mystery, endless blunders.
Contemplation, introspection,
A stride towards a flawless reflection.

Not gallery is delighted to present Ezekiel Wong Kel Win: Signs and Wonders, Sighs and Wanders, an exhibition of Wong’s archival pigment prints documenting and translating one’s encounters with a world fraught with mayhem, injustice and instability into narratives with magic realistic undertones.

Featuring 19 works produced between 2016 to 2023, Signs and Wonders, Sighs and Wanders depicts Wong’s gradual shift away from monochromatic palettes towards experiments involving analogous, complementary and primary hues.

Scrutinising this body of prints, Wong’s active desire to engage with socio-political issues is seen through his referencing of phenomena such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the rampant spread of fake information via social media platforms. Although Wong’s prints are inspired by observable aspects of his lived realities, he works further to distil these experiences into succinct learnings which are then translated through amalgamated pictorial forms.

While Wong’s wielding of printmaking as a medium of social commentary may harken back to woodblock prints produced in post-war Singapore, his recent works communicating both pictorial depth and fluidity represent a rupture as his figures are enmeshed between grids, shadows, symbols, shapes or other cryptic scribbles.

Ambiguous yet vibrant, just as Wong’s prints chart the chaotic terrains individuals ought to traverse in their everyday lives, they too draw viewers in to continue wandering and wondering alongside the artist.

Exhibition period: 26 February – 16 March 2024

Mon to Sat: 11 am to 6pm,  Sun: Closed

Exhibition venue: Supermama Flagship store @Henderson, #01-01, 213 Henderson Rd, S(159553)

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