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Dancing with Balloon Tang Ling Nah

Dancing with Balloon

25 March to 13 April 2024


The balloon glides aimlessly on the calm water,
bouncing gently and producing subtle ripples
as a breeze passes by.
Set behind the water is a concrete mountain
rising majestically into the night sky.
The water mirrors its façade,
showing the grid section
made of glass.
The balloon appears lost,
searching for its companions,
but at the same time,
finding its own direction and purpose.

Is it a balloon any more?
Not flying in the air.
Is it a balloon any more?
Floating on the water.
Maybe it will become a swimmer.
Maybe a dancer.

— Tang Ling Nah, 2024


Not gallery invites you to take a visual journey to explore Tang Ling Nah’s selected charcoal drawings of architectural and transitional spaces of the city, created on paper from 2012 to 2024. The exhibition is named after a drawing with the same title done in 2014.

In these seemingly quiet drawings devoid of humans, Tang draws out spaces of transit in the city and provides an imaginary escape for city-dwellers to ponder on their existence and relationships with other beings, including non-living objects which appear to have lost their owners and taken on a new purpose. In a city steeped with materialism and lack of human empathy, Tang’s drawings seem to cancel out the “noise” (physical noise, speed of life and desire for material things) and encourage one to slow down, reflect and perhaps, to allow one to imagine a friend, or even to dance with a balloon, just like what the artist did when she saw the balloon at Millenia Walk, Singapore.

As the balloon gracefully dances across the water surface, it may remind us of the beauty found in moments of fleeting brilliance, beckoning us to revel in the joy of the present and the value of our existence.

Exhibition period: 25 March – 13 April 2024

Mon to Sat: 11 am to 6pm,  Sun: Closed

Exhibition venue: Supermama Flagship store @Henderson, #01-01, 213 Henderson Rd, S(159553)

Not gallery

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